Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the Ticket Restaurant® card

What is the minimum value of a meal voucher?
As of 1 December 2016, the value of a meal voucher must be at least €3.60 (75% of €4.80).

Are employees entitled to vouchers during holidays, sickness absence, and statutory holidays?
During holidays, sickness absence, and statutory holidays, the employer may provide meal vouchers only if it is stipulated in the collective agreement or an internal guideline. Otherwise, it is an expense beyond the scope of the Labour Code. For the purpose of the Act on Income Tax, such an expense cannot be considered a tax expense, but is rather regarded as the employee’s taxable income.

Where to pay by the meal card or by the vouchers from Edenred?
You can use the meal card, mobile payments with the card, meal vouchers and gift vouchers at our partner acceptance points. For the list, please go to acceptance points search engine on this webpage.

They do not accept my voucher at a particular outlet. What should I do?
Check if the voucher is valid and if you’re using it correctly. If there is a sticker on the outlet’s door indicating your voucher type/card, it means the outlet accepts such vouchers/card. If there’s no corresponding sticker, the outlet probably isn’t our partner, and doesn’t accept such vouchers/card. If you’d like the outlet to accept our vouchers/card, send us its name, address, and contact details of its manager via the contact form, or by e-mail at, and we’ll take care that the outlet starts accepting our vouchers.

What should I do with expired vouchers?
All our vouchers are bonds with a number of security features. For maximum safety, they are always valid for a maximum of 15 months. We recommend spending them continuously over the year while they are valid.
Unused vouchers can be returned only by your employer who gave them to you, at any time during the period of their validity, but not later than on 20 January of the following year after they expire.

What is an information voucher, and what is it used for?
The voucher production technology involves sealing the vouchers in envelopes. Besides meal vouchers, each envelope must also contain one voucher with information about the contents of the envelope. Such a voucher is placed on the top, and has no nominal value. It cannot be used for paying, and it cannot be redeemed by Edenred.

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