New vouchers for 2020

As of 1st October 2019, new Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher, Edenred voucher Gift and Edenred voucher Service valid for 2020, will be in circulation.

Security features of Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers for 2020:

1. Thermosensitive shape- (Edenred monogram) that pales when heated
2. Paper with watermark
3. SK identifier- visible only after scratching its surface with a coin
4. Shapes visible only under UV light
5. Voucher is micro perforated in the shape of the Edenred logo
6. Holographic effect- SK identifier and Edenred monogram covered in metallic color with holographic effect
7. Reflective color-Text on the back of the voucher written in a reflective color that becomes phosphorescent under a UV lamp and changes color after copying
8. Barcode
9. Numeric code


Information for employers:

Unused vouchers marked with 2019 can be returned at any time during the period of their validity, but not later than on 20 January 2020.

After returning these vouchers, we will issue a credit note in the amount of the total nominal value of the unused vouchers payable within 30 calendar days.

Information for affiliates:

Current vouchers marked with 2019 are valid until 31 December 2019, and will be accepted for redemption until 20 January 2020
Before mailing the vouchers, we recommend stamping the vouchers at the side without the bar code and the face value. This is a precaution in case of theft or loss.
In order to prevent any difficulties when reimbursing your vouchers, use only those kinds that have been agreed on in your contract.

If you need sample meal vouchers to ensure your outlet’s staff is well informed, you can ask for them at our branch, or you can call and order them for free at 02/ 50 707 324 or via e-mail at

Envelopes with meal vouchers can also contain an information voucher detailing the contents of the envelope. This voucher has no nominal value and cannot be used for payment. For the same reason, it won’t be accepted for redemption when presented by our contract partners.