How to apply in the field of personal data protection

1. Introduction

Current legislation in the field of personal data protection allows individuals to have more control over their personal data. In connection with the implementation of this legislation, the joint operators, the companies Edenred Slovakia, sro and Ticket Service, sro (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Edenred”) allow the persons concerned to exercise the following rights through an application:
• for access (to personal data),
• for correction (of personal data processed),
• for deletion (of personal data processed),
• to limit the processing (of personal data),
• for portability (personal data),
• object to the processing (of personal data).

If you want to submit an application, follow the instructions below so that your application can be easily processed.

2. Submission of the application

You can apply via the electronic form below.

This is the preferred way to apply, which is convenient if you have an internet connection.

3. Requirements of the application

For your correct identification, Edenred always requires the name, surname and company for which you, as the person concerned, work or have worked, or we will request additional information according to point 5 below. With this data, Edenred can search for a specific person in its systems. To identify the company (employer), please state the company ID. You can also enter the name of the company, but with regard to the possibility of changing the company's business name, we recommend entering the ID number. Essential information is provided in the form.

4. Answer

The applicant also has the opportunity to request a response through channels other than the channel through which the request is made. Edenred may inform this fact in the content of its request.

If the application is submitted via the electronic form below, a reply will be sent to the email address you entered.

Edenred will process the request without undue delay, within one month of receiving your request. The period under the previous sentence may be extended by a further two months in exceptional cases, given the complexity of the application. As an applicant, you will be informed of the extension within one month of receiving the application, together with the reasons for the extension.

The answer is provided free of charge. In the event that Edenred determines that the request is manifestly unfounded or disproportionate, Edenred may charge a reasonable fee or may refuse to comply with your request. If the application should be charged, you will be informed in time.

5. Additional data

When processing the application, the identity of the data subject is always verified with regard to the processed personal data. Additional information may be required during the processing of the application in order to verify your identity or the processing of the application.

6. Other

The request is always made by the person concerned. However, if the person concerned is represented by a third party, it is necessary to prove the relationship with the person concerned in accordance with the applicable regulations.

At the same time, you have the right to refuse to enter certain data in the application. However, in such a case, Edenred may additionally request some of the above information in order to be able to identify you in its systems or verify your identity.

Application form

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