FOOD project – recommendations for restaurants

Join the European FOOD project with your restaurant, and let all your guests know!

Did you know that 130 million Europeans suffer from obesity? Unfortunately, Slovakia also ranks among countries with a high incidence of overweight. In most cases, it is the result of bad eating habits. Be part of the European FOOD project, and help Slovaks eat healthier – for example, at your restaurant!

The FOOD project, in collaboration with partners and nutritionists, provides some simple basic advice on how to “lighten” the menu at your restaurant and join the selected trendy restaurants within the international network of FOOD restaurants.

FOOD–recommendations for restaurants

The European FOOD project was launched in early 2009 to promote balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle, in reaction to the growing problem of obesity in Europe. Its basic goal is to improve the nutritional value of meals offered at catering establishments, and raise consumers’ awareness regarding the daily diet. The project coordinator is Edenred, and the expert partner in Slovakia is the Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic.

More information about the project and its aims and partners is available here.

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FOOD – recommendations for restaurants

1. Use healthier cooking methods such as steaming, roasting, and grilling.
2. Provide the option of half portions of meals.
3. Do not put a salt shaker on the table.
4. Include products and food alternatives based on wholemeal, wholegrain pasta, etc. in your menu. For instance, you can provide wholemeal or rye bread on request.
5. Serve the sauce separately.
6. Enable your guests to eat more fresh vegetables. For example, you can leave room for salad on the plate, serve salad first, or put it directly on the plate.
7. Provide your guests with drinking water.
8. Include low-fat dressing and olive oil in your offer.
9. For dessert, serve fresh fruit, fruit or milk desserts more often.
10. Offer different side dishes – even with the daily menu.
11. Offer more dishes with low-fat meat such as poultry and beef.
12. Indicate the energy value of dishes in KJ (e.g. how many calories the individual components of the dish have).

Recommendations for employees are available here.