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Welcome to, and, which are owned by Edenred Slovakia, s.r.o. (Ltd.).The sites use cookies to optimize their services, personalize ads and analyze visitor data. By using the websites you agree with their usage.

This Cookie usage policy is intended for informing you about our data gathering methods on our websites during your stay. We use cookies, as well as other tracking technologies.


In this document, a cookie is a cookie file or other similar technology, such as pixel tags, web beacons and clear GIFs covered by the so-called E-Privacy directive of the EU.


Cookies are small files that are saved in a computer or a device by the web browser. Cookies enable the web server to send data into the computer or device for data storage or other purposes. Cookies can help users improve their user experience at a particular website. Cookies themselves cannot gather any information stored in the computer or its folders.

Further information about cookies can be found here: VMore information about how Google uses cookies can be found here:


There are two kinds of cookies – session cookies and persistent cookies.
Session cookies are temporary and are deleted after you close the web browser.
Persistent cookies remain stored on a hard drive or device until deleted or until their expiry date. Our websites use both kinds of cookies. They are used for purposes of security, navigation simplification, improved display of information, as well as providing customized information to specific users. We are also using cookies to gather information about how users use our website, in order to improve its design and services. Moreover, we use cookies and website usage data to help solve potential problems with using the website.

Cookies used on these websites can be divided into following groups:
Strictly necessary cookies are cookies necessary for the basic operation of our websites. These cookies enable navigation and usage of included features, such as access to secured parts of the websites. Without these cookies, we wouldn´t be able to provide services at the websites.
Performance cookies gather anonymous data about how users use our websites. We gather information about which website parts the users visited, how long did they stay on our websites, and whether they encountered any problems, such as error reports, during their stay. These cookies help us to improve website performance.
Functional cookies improve the functionality of a website. These cookies gather information like username, language or preferred location. They can be used to provide services like watching video, commenting or interacting with third-party services, such as social media features. By remembering your choices, a website can provide more personalized and improved services.

Our reasons for using cookies:

a) To enable a safe login option to accounts at to place an order (enables you to view order information, place the same order, pay, view data, etc.).

b) To enable a safe login option to accounts at to use your account features (to view your card balance, transactions or PIN, to look for acceptance points in your vicinity (geolocation),to block your card, etc.).

c) To record visited website parts, viewed products, viewing time and purchased products. Edenred Slovakia, s.r.o. uses this information to keep its websites user-friendly, to improve their features and design.


If you´ve subscribed to our newsletter, the personal data you provided (e-mail address) would be used to send you the newsletter containing information about our products, services, news, special offers and contests.

You can unsubscribe at any moment by clicking the link included at the bottom of every newsletter, or by sending your request to unsubscribe via the contact form or by email at


Yes. The information stored in cookies is secure and anonymous. They do not contain any information that could identify your account, nor endanger your account´s security.


Besides using cookies of Edenred Slovakia, s.r.o., we also allow some third-parties (e.g. website administrators, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, etc.), to store cookies in your computers to gain access to the computers. Third-party cookie usage is governed by cookie usage policies of these third parties, not by the policies of Edenred.


If you don´t want to allow cookies to gather information, you can block them. Most web browsers have the option of blocking cookies from being stored in your computer or device.

In Internet Explorer 11, you can do the following:
1. In „Tools“ menu, select „Internet Options“;
2. Click the „Privacy“ tab;
3. Move the slider on the left side of the dialog box to the top position (Block all cookies);
4. Click „OK“ to confirm your change.

In Firefox 36.0, you can do the following:
1. In „Tools“ menu, click „Settings“;
2. Find „Cookies“ under „Privacy“. Deactivate the "Accept cookies“ field;
3. Click „OK“ to confirm your change.

If you use a different web browser, navigate to a „Help“ tab and get more information about where to block cookies.
Further information about cookie management can be found at

If you block cookies, some features may not work correctly.