Benefit administration through the Web

Cafeteria – Edenred portal is a complex system consisting of modules, designed to manage employee benefits and to motivate business partners.
Through cafeteria, employees / business partners can choose, within an agreed limit, those benefits that are most valuable for them.

The cafeteria application Edenred portal can be topped up from anywhere, it doesn’t require any additional hardware equipment, and doesn’t interfere with existing software solutions.

Benefits Portal

Benefits Portal

The Benefits Portal is an online tool for flexible management of employee benefits. In the cafeteria, employees are assigned points which can be exchanged from the catalogue of benefits for other benefits according to their own preferences.

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Reward Portal

Reward Portal

The Reward Portal is an online tool created in order to motivate your business partners and representatives, and focused on increased sales, above-standard performance, and loyalty.

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Watch the video and try the demo:

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The Edenred portal cafeteria allows you to do the following:

Within one web application you’ll get a unique tool with many functionalities – exactly according to your individual requirements.

Cafeteria principles:

individual benefit account for each employee/business partner with points assigned according to defined criteria
• possibility of exchanging assigned points from the catalogue of benefits for other benefits (services, gifts, experiences) at the discretion of individual employees/business partners
• possibilityof creating different groups of employees (by region or position in the company)
engaging employees in company activities depending on the selected version (organising electronic surveys, competitions, etc.)

What can you gain by using Edenred portal?

Logistics and paperwork outsourcing associated with the benefit management and loyalty programme administration
Cost saving and efficient management of resources and time
Corporate identity enhancement (design according to your wishes)
Flexible solution for any business sector

Edenred portal is: