Why use Edenred vouchers?

With our clients/partners, we have created case studies about real-life solutions and positive outcomes resulting from usage of our products and services.

• As a freelancer, you can use the Ticket Restaurant® card or meal vouchers to reduce your tax base by the full meal allowance amount
• With the Ticket Restaurant® meal card or meal vouchers, employers can easily meet their legal obligation, save on deductions, and give their employees the possibility to get the food they like in the largest network of acceptance points
We have the widest network of acceptance points for Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers and meal cards
• Together with meal vouches, we’ll give you discount vouchers from attractive partners
• You can choose from several solution areas – our vouchers are focused on the purchase of gifts, culture, recreation and sports, travelling, health care, education, and social services
• If you would like, we can deliver your vouchers in a gift package and on request, add a thank-you note on top
• Our vouchers have a number of security features that are hard to copy, and prevent counterfeiting
• As many as 99.3% of our clients would recommend our services to others
• We were the first* company to introduce online voucher ordering
• We offer various events, lotteries, and discounts throughout the year
• Moreover, our branch in Bratislava offers 30 minute free parking, an entrance for disabled people and refreshment with coffee
• Our next branches are in Trnava, Trenčín, Nitra, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, Prešov a Košice
• We hold the international quality certificate ISO, and constantly monitor the quality of our services
• As a member of the EU’s FOOD project, FOOD we support balanced nutrition
• We provide free automatic transmission of information on the status of your order

*Note: In Slovakia, among companies active in the identical business area.