FOOD project: We participated in the Eurobarometer

We learnt that European consumers would like restaurants to offer healthy meals

According to a survey conducted by the European Consortium for the FOOD project, most employees nowadays look for a balanced meal during their lunch breaks. Restaurants have decided to respond to these changing requirements and to meet them.

FOOD project (Fighting Obesity Through Offer and Demand) was created as a public-private partnership and focuses on the growing obesity problem in Europe.

The Eurobarometer for better understanding and analysis of social changes and the needs of employees and restaurants was also introduced within the programme. More than 6,300 employees and 830 restaurants from the member states provided their answers in questionnaires. The survey showed that today up to 70% of employees have lunch break during their working day. The surprising results also show that up to 80% of employees are uneasy and prefer healthy meals, nutritional quality of meals is also important for them, and 83% of them believe that it is very important that restaurants offer varied meals. To meet customer requirements, up to 65% of restaurants think that it would be useful to learn more about a balanced diet, and they are willing to learn more in this area. As many as 70% of them believe that it is not a problem for them to prepare and to serve healthy/balanced meals.

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