Ticket Service vouchers

Ticket Service® vouchers represent an alternative to issuing vouchers prepared according to specific requirements of a client (i.e. tailor-made vouchers).

It is also an interesting solution and the most efficient way to ensure a disbursement of social benefits and material need benefits in your city, which significantly reduces the possibility of social benefit abuse.
Ticket Service® vouchers can be used only in a network of outlets selling basic life necessities.

Tailor-made vouchers

With Ticket Service®, we offer an alternative to vouchers prepared according to the individual requirements of a client.
If there is an acceptance point stated on the voucher, it can be used at this outlet only.

The most effective disbursement of social benefits

If you decide to use the Ticket Service® voucher system, you’ll also:
• get a transparent way of distributing social security benefits
• reduce abuse of social security benefits
• reduce the amount of paperwork related to checking the documents proving the intended use
• reduce visits of beneficiaries in your office
• save time on paperwork in favour of professional activities
• save money by redemption of unused vouchers
• get the possibility of obtaining a higher subsidy from the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family for the of benefits in a non-monetary form

What goods can I get for Ticket Service® vouchers?
• all food products
• non-alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages
Clothing, shoes Tobacco products
School supplies Coffee
Toiletries -