Meal voucher benefits for users

According to Art. 152 of the Labour Code, the employer is obliged to provide employee with catering corresponding to the principles of good nutrition directly at their workplaces or in their vicinity, particularly by providing a hot meal and a suitable beverage.
Providing Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers is a popular form of ensuring catering, which guarantees a free choice and allows its users to get the meal according to their preferences in a wide network of catering facilities, labeled with the Ticket Restaurant®logo .

The employer may give you a meal voucher of any value (the minimum amount of meal allowance is currently €3.60 per each day worked). According to the legislation in force, you can claim up to 55% of €4.80 on expenses, and pay 45% of the nominal value of the provided meal voucher.

Benefits of Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers for users:

Higher net income
• according to the Act on Income Tax, such income is tax exempt for the employee
More catering options in the largest network of outlets accepting meal vouchers
• often also at outlets which don’t accept meal vouchers from other voucher issuers (e.g. IKEA)
• restaurants and outlets, where you can pay with meal vouchers can be easily found according to your selection criteria in a well-arranged outlet search engine
Possibility to get instant discounts for free
• Together with meal vouchers, we’ll give you discount vouchers from attractive partners. You can find discounts also in aplication TR karta PRO.

Please recommend us your favourite restaurant that doesn’t accept Ticket Restaurant®meal vouchers:

If you would like your favourite restaurant to accept payments by Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers, please send us the restaurant’s name and address through the form. We’ll do our best to convince the outlet to accept payments with meal vouchers.

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