Meal card benefits for users

The widest acceptance point network
• restaurants and outlets, where you can pay with meal cards can be easily found according to your selection criteria in a well-arranged outlet search engine
Paying is easy
• no need to count the vouchers
• simply touch a terminal with your card, no need to enter the PIN number (if you have a contactless card)
mobile card payments via SMS even at acceptance points that don’t have POS payment terminal
It provides greater comfort
• no need to carry vouchers for the entire month in your wallet, one card is enough
It increases safety
• can be blocked (in case of theft or loss)
• when paying more than €20, you need to enter the PIN code even with a contactless card
Free mobile "Edenred Benefity application" which allows the card user to check the current balance of Edenred cards, to find TR card acceptance points in the card holder’s area and and to get a discount on favorite products or services from selected partners

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For Ticket Restaurant®meal card users, we established:

• information line 00421/2/5262 7777
• website
• e-mail
• "Edenred Benefity" mobile application

Please recommend your favourite restaurant to us that doesn’t accept the card or mobile card payments:

If you would like your favourite restaurant to also accept payments by meal cards or SMS, please send us the restaurant’s name and address through the form. In the “Text” box, please state “recommendation for card payment or mobile payment”, and we’ll do our best to convince the outlet to accept card or mobile payments.

You can send us your tips also by e-mail: