Benefits for outlets accepting meal cards

What is the Ticket Restaurant® meal card?

• The Ticket Restaurant® card is an electronic form of Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher
• first meal card in Slovakia accepted by payment terminals
• all transactions take place online, without the traditional meal vouchers

Since April 2016, we also offer a contactless meal card.

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Benefits for outlets accepting the Ticket Restaurant® meal card:

New potential customers
• from the ranks of Ticket Restaurant® meal card users, who prefer outlets accepting the card
It saves time
• fast payment – just touch a terminal with a card (if you accept a contactless card); no need to count meal vouchers and cash
• it’s not necessary to deliver vouchers for redemption to the branch or to count them
Fast redemption
• you’ll have your money on your account within 3 days
Payment guarantee
• you’ll never accept a counterfeit voucher
Easy administration
• it’s not necessary to stamp vouchers
Higher safety
• it reduces cash handling
Risk reduction
• there are no losses due to the acceptance of expired vouchers or their theft
Automatic recording in the system
• all transactions remain recorded in the bank for any further needs
Promotion of Your outlet in our outlet search engine for free
• if you sign the contract, your outlet will be promoted on our website and in the "TR card" application for Android phones, iPhones and Windows phones

case study of cbc restaurant Read also a case study on how CBC Gastro Services, s.r.o., managed to shorten the meal voucher redemption time, to simplify their counting at the end of the day, to reduce the risk of human error when counting, and to speed up payments at the self-service canteen thanks to the Ticket Restaurant® meal card » » »

Benefits of accepting mobile payments with the Ticket Restaurant® meal card:

• Attract new prospects from among Ticket Restaurant® meal card users.
• To receive payments, you only need a mobile phone; POS payment terminal is not necessary.
• You don’t need to check the security features or the due date or count money or meal vouchers.
• You save time spent by delivering money to a bank, or meal vouchers to a branch for redemption.
• Payment acceptance is safe – you’ll be informed about every successful transaction by a confirmatory SMS.

Payment with the Ticket Restaurant® meal card:

• maximum transaction amount per day: €90
• maximum amount of one contactless payment without entering the PIN code (only payment with a contactless card): €20. If user wants to pay more than €20 with a contactless card, he/she needs to enter the PIN code.
• each transaction is authorised online

Would you like to become our affiliate?

Please contact our Affiliate Network Development Department:
• by phone: 00421/2/50 707 324
• by e-mail:
• through a contact form

Terms and conditions:

• we will issue an invoice for services once a week
• the payment will be in your account within 2-3 days after the transaction with the Ticket Restaurant®card

Features of the Ticket Restaurant® meal card:

• valid only in the Slovak Republic, solely in the partner network of acceptance points
• cannot be transfered
• when paying more than €20, a user needs to enter the PIN code even with a contactless card

Payments with the Ticket Restaurant® meal card and mobile payments can be accepted after signing a contract with Edenred Slovakia, s.r.o.