Meal card benefits for employers and freelancers

Only Edenred gives you a choice between a more comfortable contactless card with a chip and a traditional card with a magnetic stripe.

If you are a freelancer/self-employed professional, you can reduce your tax base by the full meal allowance amount, which may be up to €4.80 per working day.

Benefits of the Ticket Restaurant® meal card for employers:

Innovative solution
• modern form of meal vouchers in electronic form
It reduces risk
• no cash handling
• eliminates the need to store meal vouchers at the company
It saves time
• less paperwork – no need to distribute large amounts of meal vouchers among individual employees
• easy processing
• ordering a card one time only and then only loading
• card delivered directly to the company/freelancer’s specified address

The benefits that the Ticket Restaurant® meal card offers to users:

The widest acceptance point network
Paying is easy
• no need to count vouchers
• simply touch a terminal with your card, no need to enter the PIN number (if you have a contactless card)
• option to pay even when ordering food via internet
• mobile card payments via SMS even at acceptance points that don’t have POS payment terminal
It provides greater comfort
• no need to carry vouchers for the entire month in your wallet, one card is enough
It increases safety
• can be blocked (in case of theft or loss)
• when paying more than €20, you need to enter the PIN code even with a contactless card
Free "TR card PRO" mobile application that allows its user to check the current card balance, to find TR card acceptance points in the cardholder’s area and to get a discount on favorite products or services from selected partners

You can order the Ticket Restaurant® card in the following ways:

• the easiest and most comfortable way without any contracts or documents is through our online application at
• by phone through a sales representative assigned to you
• by sending an e-mail to
• for more information, don´t hesitate to contact us through a contact form

Paying for the meal card:

You can pay for the Ticket Restaurant® card by:
• a bank transfer based on a pro forma invoice.

Meal card delivery:

Your Ticket Restaurant® card will be delivered to you:
• by courier.