Ticket Profi Card

The card is a prepaid payment card issued in partnership with MasterCard®, and it represents a new and modern way of cash disbursement at the Edenred branch in Bratislava.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers redeemed and remitted directly to your Ticket Profi® card. The funds will be immediately available and ready to be used for payment in the contracted network of Edenred partners, or withdrawn from any ATM in Slovakia.

Who is the Ticket Profi® card designed for?

The Ticket Profi® card is an advantageous combination of existing methods of redemption (cash and bank transfer), which is beneficial for any affiliate who has concluded a contract with Edenred on the acceptance of Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers.
The Ticket Profi® card is available on request at branch in Bratislava.

What are the benefits of the Ticket Profi®card?

Significantly reduced commission.With the Ticket Profi® card, the commission is significantly reduced compared to cash redemption for returned meal vouchers.
The money is credited to the Ticket Profi® card immediately after returning and registering the vouchers, and is immediately ready to be used for purchase in the contracted network of Edenred partners (wholesale, chains).
Possibility to pay from anywhere. With the Ticket Profi® card, you can pay at mobile POS payment terminals or by SMS payments through your mobile phone during your deliveries.
Instant overview of all payments and transactions thanks to an Internet account and receiving text messages.
Maximum safety when redeeming meal vouchers. High safety when paying with Ticket Profi® card (cashless payment).
SMS payment through mobile phone. With Ticket Profi® card, it is possible not only to pay in a standard way through POS terminals at contracted Edenred partners, but also by SMS.

How and where can I use the Ticket Profi® card?

The funds on the Ticket Profi® card can be immediately used for partners in the network of contracted Edenred wholesalers. The balance associated to the card account can also be withdrawn from any ATM* in Slovakia.

*ATM withdrawal is charged according to the bank fees in the valid price list.

Ticket Profi® card payment methods:

The card allows the following types of transactions:
Payment in the network of contracted Edenred partners.
Payment at POS payment terminals.Payment for delivering goods from your suppliers by SMS through your mobile phone.
Cash withdrawal from an ATM.

For more information on Ticket Profi® card, please go to www.profikarta.sk

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