Redeeming of Edenred vouchers

To have Edenred Slovakia vouchers redeemed, you can:

• bring them personally to our branch in Bratislava; we will redeem your vouchers in cash up to €1,660.00 right on the spot without the need to make an announcement or sign any appendices – we are one of the few companies in our sector that provide this service
• send them (by post– up to €500; by courier – over €500) as an insured letter to the address of the registered office of Edenred Slovakia; the redemption will be remitted to your bank account (possibility of express transfer)
• hand them in at any METRO wholesale centre (applies only to Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers). This service is available at all wholesale centres at the Partner Service Desk. The redemption will be remitted to your METRO card.
It is so easy! Just hand in your meal vouchers at the Partner Service Desk, and sign the hand-in protocol. METRO will take over the vouchers and deliver them to us at their own expense. We will process the vouchers and inform METRO about the amount that you have available for shopping at any METRO wholesale centre. From the 14th working day on after handing in the Ticket Restaurant® vouchers, you can use the amount to buy goods and services at any METRO wholesale centre.

How to package meal and gift vouchers that you want to hand in/send us for redeeming:

• Do not stick the vouchers on anything, and do not staple them together.
• You do not need to divide the vouchers according to their nominal values, package them separately, or otherwise divide them (e.g. by 10 pieces, 50 pieces, 100 pieces, etc.).
• The vouchers need to be divided only if you are handing in/sending several voucher types in one parcel (e.g. Ticket Restaurant®, Edenred voucher gift, Edenred voucher service, etc.).
• When sending vouchers in a parcel, you should secure them against unintended movement.
• When handing in/sending vouchers for redeeming, always enclose an item list with the affiliate code, i.e. the contract number (we accept the original as well as photocopies) that you will receive with the invoice for the redeemed vouchers. If the meal vouchers are damaged (stamped over the bar code, or otherwise devalued), the payment may be delayed, or we will send the vouchers back to you without redeeming them.

Service provided to our partners at our branch in Bratislava:

• At our branch in Bratislava, you can hand in the vouchers in a sealed safety envelope with a completed item list without waiting in the queue at the counter.
• As soon as one of our employees confirms your item list, you can leave. We will open the envelope with the used vouchers in front of a camera system, and inform you about the condition of the vouchers on the same day by phone. The redemption for the returned vouchers will be remitted to your bank account.
• Safety envelopes and item lists can be obtained at the “Redemption Departure” counter or when handing in the safety envelope with the used vouchers.

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