I want to accept vouchers/cards at my outlet

Your establishment can start accepting Edenred vouchers after concluding a contract with our company.

The easiest way to become an outlet accepting our meal vouchers, gift vouchers, meal cards, and mobile card payments is to complete this form and indicate the option “I want to become an affiliate”. We will then contact you.

Alternatively, you can visit our branch in Bratislava, or invite our sales representative to conclude a contract.

Accepting of our vouchers/cards at your outlet has the following benefits:

a huge number of new customers – Edenred vouchers and cards are currently used by more than 225,000 users
a competitive advantage – customers will use their vouchers/cards only at outlets that accept them
higher sales – customers paying with a voucher tend to spend more than the voucher’s value, and pay the rest in cash
customer loyalty – employees get vouchers from their employers periodically, and use them at outlets that accept them
continually growing number of customers – because we have strong marketing support, and constantly develop new products and services, our company keeps attracting new customers and users
free promotion of your company/outlet – in an outlet list and search engine with geolocation and in the "TR card PRO" application
simple redeeming – just send us your vouchers, and we will redeem them for you
immediate voucher redemption in cash in Bratislava up to €1,660 – we are one of few companies in our sector that provide this service
you can have your vouchers redeemed at METRO

To conclude the contract, you will need the following:

• a photocopy of the abstract from the Commercial Register, trade certificate, concession, licence, certificate of incorporation
• identification details of the company
• your company’s bank account number

After concluding the contract, you will receive the following:

• your partner code that will facilitate our mutual communications
stickers with the logo for marking all acceptance points
voucher samples
item list – a form that you will enclose when returning vouchers for redemption

So that customers know that you accept Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers and meal cards, or Edenred gift vouchers, you need to mark your outlet with a corresponding sticker. The entrance and the checkout area are the most suitable places for that.

You also need to inform your employees about which vouchers you accept, and familiarise them with the voucher samples and safety features.

We look forward to our cooperation!