FOOD – a European project to promote healthy eating

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FOOD = Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand

The European FOOD project was launched in early 2009 to promote balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle, in reaction to the growing problem of obesity. Its goal is to promote and stress the importance of good eating habits.

Edenred fully shares the objectives of the project. That’s why we have decided to contribute to the promotion of a healthier lifestyle while at work, and to educate consumers on this issue.

Together with other countries involved in the project, we’re trying to improve the nutritional value of meals offered at restaurants. We want to educate consumers in choosing the right food, and to combat the growing worldwide health problems resulting from a poor diet. We believe that the activities we conduct within the scope of the project help reduce the morbidity of the population and enhance labour productivity.

Objectives of the project:

To improve nutritional values of meals at restaurants by cooperation with restaurant owners.
To increase the awareness of consumers (employees as well as employers) regarding daily diet.

If you are interested in joining the international network of FOOD restaurants, please call as at 00421/2/50 707 324, or send us an e-mail to

Project partners:

The guarantor of the project is a professional PPP consortium (Public-Private Partnership), composed of private and public entities. Its members include experts from eight European countries – Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, and Portugal – who do their best to achieve the common objectives set by the European Commission.

Main partner: Edenred – a company that coordinates the project, and ensures the project’s operation in each of the eight participating European countries. Through the Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers, Edenred introduced its pilot Gustino programme titled “Taste & Health in Balance”.

Partners supporting the project in Slovakia:
Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic
• Since May 2011, we have also been supported by a member of the European Parliament, Mr Miroslav Mikolášik

Associated partners: nutritionists, public administration authorities, and universities:
• Academies: Institut Paul Bocuse – France, University of Perugia – Italy, Karolinska Institutet – Sweden
• Public health institutions: AESAN (Agency for Food Security and Nutrition) – Spain, SFP SP (Public Health – Federal Public Service) – Belgium
• Nutrition experts: Haute École Lucia de Brouckere – Centre for Information and Research on Food Intolerances and Hygiene (HELdB-CIRIHA) – Belgium, Fundación Dieta Mediterránea (FDM) – Spain, STOB (Stop Obezitě) – Czech Republic

Cooperating partners: a commission of consultants – FOOD project experts from the public and private sector:
• European projects: Move Europe, FOOD Pro-Fit – (Government of the Balearic Islands)
• International organisations: International Labour Office (ILO)
• Universities: Université de Lyon – France, City University London – UK
• Ministry of Health: Key Hole Programme – Sweden
• Associations, networks, restaurants: EuroToques, European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP)

The full list of all partners is available here.

Countries involved in the project:

Articles and press releases regarding the project that might interest you:

Results of the Eurobarometer, whose aim is a better understanding and analysis of social changes and the needs of employees and restaurants.
Press release regarding the project.
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On 3 June 2013, we drew five winners from among all those who sent us contact details of a restaurant that met the “FOOD recommendations for restaurant” by 31 May 2013. We are sending Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers in a total value of €100 to:
Monika K. in Košice., Daniela Š. in Martin, Petra K. in Kráľová pri Senci, Dagmar P. in Trenčín, and Dasha D. in Prievidza.

Congratulations to the winners!