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Encourage the passion and satisfaction of your employees through regular recognition. Reward yourself so you can continue to grow.
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 Up to 80% of employees who perceive the superior to get them appreciates and appreciates 
 does not consider changing jobs
56% of employees considering leaving from employment just
for lack of recognition, appreciation and motivation

 Recognition and reward would motivate up to 99% of employees to higher work performance

Are you looking for solutions that will pay off in your investment this year and get more back in the long run?

Maintain satisfied employees and the value that is the driving force of any successful company. With Edenred Vouchers Gifts and Services you never step next to it.
You reward loyalty and 
you regularly motivate and appreciate anniversaries
The recipient will use them as a reward for himself and not for the normal running of the household
Quickly and easily 
you order them
They are purposeful 
You manage effectively
Social Fund

The current trend shows that the effectiveness of monetary rewards is declining and people are increasingly motivated to perform better by non-monetary benefits.

Rewards that they could use for hobbies and relaxation, employees of all ages would be pleased

More about employee remuneration
94% would be happy remunerationwhich it would use to relaxation, sports, culture or buying a gift according to their own ideas
Edenred solutions provide the widest acceptance network of partners in Slovakia.
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Edenred Voucher Gifts

Voucher for the purchase of gifts suitable for every occasion, accepted in a wide network branded sales of clothing, footwear, costume jewelry, jewelry, leather goods, electronics, sporting goods, as well as in bookstores and shopping centers throughout Slovakia. 

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voucher Gifts 2023

Edenred voucher Services

A universal voucher that covers almost all areas of interest and opens the door to a world of active relaxation in various sports facilities, mediates entertainment in cinemas, theaters, relaxation in the spa or the opportunity to better spend a holiday, learn or invest more in the health of its employees.

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Edenred e-Ticket®

It is an electronic form of purchase vouchers Gifts and Services related to culture, relaxation, sports activities, travel, healthy eating, care or education, which are available only through benefit portal cafeteria Edenred Benefits Premium.

Edenred Benefits PREMIUM
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