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We are the leader in the benefits market, with which you will also win

For 30 years, we have been providing solutions for rewarding and motivating employees. Our story started with paper tickets and continues Edenred multifunctional card a Edenred Benefits Premium cafeteria.

How we were the first to introduce a meal card to the Slovak market 15 years ago.
Already today through karty Edenred can employers provide their employees not only eating, but by also a recreation voucher and various gifts, services and leisure activities.
Thanks to the cafeteria employers have all external and internal benefits available in one place and they can also use modules according to their preferences (reward, birthday and loyalty, communication...)
Our solutions can be used very easily in wide network of acceptance points throughout Slovakia.

Simple reward

💳 If you decide to delight your employees with Edenred Benefits or funds charged in the cafeteria, you will also save. Non-monetary benefits of up to €500 per year are tax-exempt.

💳 One of the benefits of benefits from Edenred (either via card or cafeteria) is also ease of settlement. You no longer have to come up with gifts that would please all employees. You make one order and pay one invoice. Each employee chooses the gift himself.

(I.e. If you already use cards in your company, you don't even need to order more - all you have to do is order the Edenred Benefits digital wallet.

💳 If you have used gift vouchers in the past, you will also save time and reduce the administrative burden that you would have to invest in the management of other forms of remuneration.

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