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Investing in employees is always worthwhile

We have a tempting novelty for you, which will make even the most ordinary lunch breaks more pleasant!
We invite you to the competition, where increasing the meal allowance can turn your and your colleagues' work routine into an amazing coffee fiesta.

Why should you increase the meal allowance for your employees?
Well, so that your colleagues don't forget who is the best employer! More money for food means more choices on the table and more energy to perform. And who wouldn't want happy and satisfied colleagues ready to handle the daily obstacles of the working day?

And now for the fun part! All you have to do is increase the meal allowance either on the Edenred card or the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher by at least €0,50 in the period from 2 May to 5 June 30, you register for the competition and the chance to play awaits you o 3 x amazing packages with a total value of €1!  This unforgettable package includes coffee from the exceptional Slovak roastery and cafe chain Café Dias and mineral water to replenish energy for your entire team.

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