Contactless card payments more secure then yet

The new regulation of the European Union for electronic payments changes from 14.9.2019 way of securing them. The change includes a new security element for internet payments and the frequency of using the PIN code.

What does it mean for the users of Edenred card solutions

Edenred card products comply with 3D Secure regulations, but the new regulation for online payments does not affect them. Payment via the internet with Edenred cards does not require an SMS or PUSH code.

However, depending on the setting of the system of electronic payments on the part of merchants, the PIN code may be more frequently required * is cases:

  • after every fifth payment of less than € 20 *
  • if the total volume of payments up to € 20, regardless of number of payments, exceeds the amount of €150 *

* changes applies also to mobile payments via Apple Pay and Google PayTM

Where can you find your PIN?
See where you can find your PIN if needed. Download instructions