Benefits Portal

Online tool for flexible management of employee benefits

The Benefits Portal is an online tool in the form of a cafeteria for flexible management of employee benefits. The employee can choose, within an agreed limit, those benefits that are most valuable for them.

Principles of the Benefits Portal:

Benefit accounts for individual employees with points assigned according to defined criteria
• Possibility of exchanging assigned points from the catalogue of benefits for other benefits (services, gifts, experiences) at the discretion of the individual employee
• Possibility of creating different groups of employees (by region or position in the company)
Engaging employees in company activities depending on selected version (organising electronic surveys, contests, etc.)

What are the benefits of the Benefits Portal for company management:

• Improving the performance of the company thanks to motivated employees
• Solution tailored to the needs of each company
• Optimised costs and a clear overview

Benefits of the Benefits Portal for HR staff:

• Effective employee motivation
• Easy paperwork
• Saving time

Benefits of the Benefits Portal for employees:

• Free choice of benefits
• Simple use of benefits

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