Are you an employer or a freelancer?

Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers and meal cards provide the following benefits

to employers:

• you get tax benefits (55% from the nominal value of the meal voucher is tax deductible for an employer);
• financial benefits (e.g. compared to salary increase, increasing the nominal value of provided meal vouchers or meal cards is not subject to social security and health insurance payments);
• and you also give your employees a free choice (opportunity to have food they like in the widest network of acceptance points, which is constantly expanding).

for freelancers / self-employed professionals:

• you can reduce your tax base by the full amount of meal allowance, which may be up to €700.80 till the end of year (for working 146 working days till the end oy year 2018 x €4.80)!

You can also choose gift and benefit vouchers

in the usual paper form or in electronic form focusing on several areas:

• buying gifts (clothes, shoes, imitation jewellery, jewellery, leather goods, electronics, sporting goods, books...)
• culture, recreation, and sport
• travel
• health care
• education
• and social area.