Are you an acceptance point?

By accepting Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers at your outlet:

• You will attract a lot of new customers from among meal voucher users.
• Today, most employers use Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers and meal card as a simple and convenient way of meeting the legal obligation to provide meals for employees. Many employees prefer outlets that accept their vouchers.
• Moreover, we can say from our experience that customers paying with a voucher tend to spend more than the voucher’s value, and pay the rest in cash. They will keep coming back to you because many of them receive meal vouchers periodically.
• Moreover, if you sign the contract, your outlet will be promoted in our website’s outlet search engine with geolocation and in the TR card application.

The easiest way to become an outlet accepting our meal vouchers, gift vouchers, meal cards, and mobile card payments is to complete this form and indicate the option “I want to become an affiliate”. We will then contact you.

Vouchers of Edenred Slovakia, s.r.o., are used by 23,000 companies and more than 225,000 users. By introducing new products, we keep attracting new customers. By becoming our affiliate, you will increase your sales! Join our affiliate network with more than 31,000 acceptance points!