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Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers

The Ticket Restaurant meal voucher guarantees a free choice of meals in the widest network of restaurants and catering facilities in Slovakia.

Ticket Restaurant meal card

The first Ticket Restaurant® meal card is an electronic form of paper meal vouchers used for payments at POS terminals and by SMS.

Gifts and benefits


Edenred voucher Gifts and e-Ticket® gift vouchers allow to buy gifts at brand stores with clothes, shoes, jewellery, leather goods, electronics, sports equipment, and books, etc.



Edenred voucher Services and e-Ticket® gift vouchers open up a world of regeneration, relaxation, and active recreation. They are accepted in a wide network of sports, relaxation, health and cultural facilities.


Edenred voucher Services and e-Ticket® are accepted in a network of reputable travel agencies throughout Slovakia, and provide their holders with recreational or sightseeing holidays, wellness and spa stays according to their preferences.


Contribute to healthcare for your employees with Edenred voucher Services and e-Ticket®, which will provide them with preventive examinations, vaccinations, or rehabilitation programmes at selected health facilities.


Edenred voucher Services and e-Ticket® are an ideal solution if you’d like to provide education for your employees, since they are accepted in a network of selected providers of education with the emphasis on language, computer, and economic trainings.

Benefit administration through the Web

Benefits Portal

The Benefits Portal is an online tool for flexible management of employee benefits. In the cafeteria, employees are assigned points which can be exchanged from the catalogue of benefits for other benefits according to their own preferences.

Reward Portal

The Reward Portal is an online tool created in order to motivate your business partners and representatives, and focused on increased sales, above-standard performance, and loyalty.

Social area solution

Ticket Service

Ticket Service® voucher is used for the most effective disbursement of social benefits and material need benefits.

Advertising with meal vouchers

Advertising with Ticket Restaurant

Ticket Restaurant® b2c marketing is a direct marketing service that allows you to promote your services and products directly to Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers and meal cards users.