Advertising with Ticket Restaurant

Ticket Restaurant b2c marketing is a direct marketing service that allows you to promote your services and products directly to Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers and meal cards users.

By advertising with Ticket Restaurant® you get:
• direct exposure to a large number of meal cards and vouchers users
• support with introducing new products and services to the market
• increased visibility of various discounts, sales and competitions
• brand or product positioning on the market as a part of the communication mix


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2 forms of advertising with Ticket Restaurant®

1) paper form with Ticket Restaurant® meal vouchers,
2) digital form with TR card mobile app for the Ticket Restaurant® meal card.

Printed inserts distributed with the Ticket Restaurant vouchers Ad samples - increase

Printed inserts distributed inside the Ticket Restaurant® meal voucher envelopes

• 100% visibility - meal vouchers are distributed directly to the employees
• target 150 000 meal voucher end users each month
• maximum of 4 coupons per meal voucher envelope
• every coupon comes from a different sector – end users never receive ads for competing products or services in one envelope
• full service – we take care of coupon printing, placement and distribution
• coupons are portable

Printed insert details

• size: 126 mm x 98 mm (after cropping)
• colors: CMYK (full color, double-sided)
• paper: 135 g/m2, glossy white
• text in curves, bleed 3 mm
• format: .pdf
• resolution: 300 dpi

The start of placing inserts into meal voucher envelopes should be arranged 2-3 months in advance (limit of 4 coupons per month).

Advertising through TR card app Ad sample in the app – increase

Advertising through TR card app

• digital form – phone owners can view available discounts under Current discounts
• reach 140 000* app end users
• more flexible – easy to start, option to also arrange short time publishing (e.g. 1 week, price calculation upon request)
• saved printing costs can be used for a long-term promotion of products or services
• unlimited number of ads
• lower costs for digital advertising, compared with other forms
• app available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
*number of downloads till July 31st, 2016

Mobile app ad details

• size: 620 x 400 px (height x width)
• colors: RGB
• text: description of how, where and when the discount is available
• available formats: .jpg, .png, .gif
• resolution: 72 dpi

Campaign start should be arranged at least 2-3 weeks in advance.
Please inform the staff of the acceptance point about how the discount conditions.