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Ticket Restaurant

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Comfortable and tasty food to better performance

What food would you taste today? What would your colleagues like to taste? Everyone likes good food and everyone tastes something else. To have everyone happy, you need to choose freely.

Under §152 of the Labor Code the employer is required to provide employees adequate nutrition principles of good nutrition in the workplace or in its vicinity, in particular by providing adequate food and warm drink.

Make your statutory duty and promote it to the employment benefit. Ensure your employees to lunch to their taste. Ticket Restaurant® voucher is a guarantor of freedom of choice. Its holder has the option to procure food by their own preferences in a wide network of restaurants, labeled with the logo of Ticket Restaurant®.

Your company obtains through Luncheon Vouchers Ticket Restaurant®:

Your employees through Luncheon Ticket Restaurant® obtain:

  • higher net income
  • more catering opportunities thanks to the most widespread network of the points of acceptance for the luncheon vouchers Ticket Restaurant®


From May 2014 can be found in our standard catering menu, Ticket Restaurant® vouchers with following denominations:

€ 3.00; 3.30; € 3.50; € 3.60; € 3.80; € 4,00


Ticket Restaurant<sup>®</sup> luncheon voucher Partners who accept Ticket Restaurant®, vouchers have their sales space labeled:
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